from behind the counter

i have been blessed to be in a family business that never fails to pique people’s interest. The mere mention of the field of work generates interest from men and women alike.Diamonds!!!

i have been in the world of jewellery for a pretty long time now and have dealt with various customers and thought i would like to share with you all some tips about jewellery,gems and diamonds, also some thoughts of what runs through our mind standing on the other side of the counter.


It’s not a torch: here’s a thing about diamonds, they REFRACT light. Ladies when you hold jewellery under a table, to check  how shiny your diamonds are, you are not as smart as you think you are,you look silly to us.



nose pin

Cleanliness is next to Godliness: please ladies please clean your jewellery regularly, it dulls with soap,cream and grime sticking to it in crevices. Also don’t take your nose ring  freshly off your nose for us to check the clarity of the diamonds under our eye glass, the stuff stuck around it magnifies as does the diamond in it,yuck!!

Shopping does not an expert make: If you have been buying diamonds all your life it still does not make you an expert and when you hold the eyeglass the way you do, we suppress an inward chuckle.

Reality over fantasy: When your budget is limited do not try and tell us you are getting your fantasy diamond elsewhere at a fantasy price, we are aware of rates and personally feel, if you are getting a good deal there why are you here?

antique ringAll that glitters in not gold:Most people feel the diamonds received in inheritance are of a very high value, because their forefathers only bought the best. Not true people not true, get your jewels evaluated on inheritance.

Good vs Bad: There is no such thing as a bad diamond.Diamonds are valued as per certain characteristics they display.

You are not a trader: Do not try to be a trader by exchanging your diamonds and calculating the appreciation you will get, you will likely get burned. Jewelry is a luxury.

If it’s too good to be true, it probably is: Don’t get swayed by cheap deals , you get what you pay for.

Clipart_MastermindWe are not a walking price list: Stop asking for rates of diamonds whenever you see our face,we do not walk around with the latest price list in our head all the time.if you have a serious enquiry do come to the office and check.

Business not Trickery:We do work hard for our money, which is what we work for. So don’t grudge us for making it, or try to offer us gifts instead of profit. We are not cheating you,simply running our own businesses, so when there is a difference in buying and selling rate its the basic rule of business.


Everything in life is not tangible:the gold does not melt itself into a fine piece of jewellery,making charges are due to the craftsman,he deserves it,don’t cringe about it.

Half knowledge is dangerous:either you do a course on diamonds like we have, and learn the trade OR trust your jeweller,

and lastly,

It maybe the hardest substance on earth but it can crack or chip, It has natural fissures sometimes too.

Now that you know all there is to know from the other side of the fence;

Luxuriate,indulge,flaunt,relish and enjoy,the baubles you hold!!


Don’t forget to clean,polish and get them checked regularly!!








yours truly

So while January has brought with it some exciting times with evening racing set to become a regular feature at the turf club, and a great place for the likes of me to hang out, it has also brought with it the sagging economy which all governments are trying to lift as is ours with our latest ‘make in india’ theme.

I too am trying to make, a little blue book, the one that’ll help fulfil all my dreams of seeing the world, just like our premier does.

I won’t dive into the saga of the no. of trips one has to make back and forth between different offices for the love of seeing it through.


But I will speak a little about who i really am. Well i am female, not too tall not too short (just right in my eyes hehe), i pay my taxes, i am an account holder, i am the owner of my own properties, i am the mother of the children, the daughter of my parents, the wife of my husband.

But who said so ?

I mean who is to say i am who i say i am ?

So, for the last few weeks i have been gathering up all these documents that prove that i am really me.

i’ve had my little blue book all my life, which has been issued after much scrutiny and verification, my birth certificate states i was indeed born, the cops have checked me out, turns out i was good, the tax authorities have checked me out, my taxes paid, my school says i passed, yay, my bank says i belong, and my documents say i am an owner,my finger tips scanned, my eyes captured on camera, my ugly chicken pox marks made note of, so each and every time they can stand testimony for my authenticity. So i finally had my little blue book which proved that all those facts are indeed true about me and i am who i am.


In the recent times, having to produce documents after documents along with a valid blue book, made me really wonder about it all. Why was a verified document being further verified with supporting documents which were submitted for the issuance of the final verified document which should now be the only document needed to verify me !!

When sometimes after scanning all 10 finger prints, and eyes, and self attestations of documents provided and notarised by the honourable courts can still not be trusted, then what can ??

It did cross my mind that in future we might have to deposit a dash of blood, a sample of skin, a strand of hair, a pint of pee (in case of spillage), and a lump of poo, along with all the documents for verification.


And that my friends will not be the hard part, what will be more difficult will be finding the officer incharge who will verify and stamp the fact that the blood, skin, hair,pee and poo are actually yours.

poop in a box

So all you unsuspecting innocents, when going for any such work in the future, remember, pack the stationary shop in your bag, a needle and syringe to draw the blood(sharing in this case is not caring),a ziplock to put your hair in, a bottle to pee in , a box to poo in, and for all those thinking it’s not on the website, well trust me, the website is always up to date, even if it doesn’t say so!

A Happy happy making to all !!




Lazy Sunday morning, i woke up, still tired from the late Saturday night out, I took my mug of warm lemon water, ready to start my morning rituals of lemon water, followed by vitamin D, followed by breakfast, and the newspaper to keep me company through it all.The economic times takes a break on Sunday too leaving me with the gossip times which i generally avoid but today i thought i might as well indulge in reading worthless gossip. it’s Sunday after all, why not, i thought!!

The usual stuff on page one, the obituaries, reading on, nothing we hadn’t already heard of by now, with so many channels of media available,one doesn’t have to wait for the morning paper these days for news. Then something caught my eye, another gruesome murder. A lady and her twin sons murdered a few hours after their wedding anniversary celebration, by what seems like might have been triggered due to an extra marital affair being had by the husband.

Woman, twins murdered in Kolkata home; husband under lens….

Whether the cause is an affair or not is yet to be determined, but extra marital affairs have been the bane of many a families and lives. I have wondered what makes a person cheat? and What makes a partner turn a blind eye?

Having seen one such relationship in the past, up close and personal, i always feel, why can’t  a person own up and come clean? Even when i asked i didn’t get a clear answer, the cat got out the bag ages ago, but there was never any admittance.

Is it the thrill of cheating? would one lose face publicly and a lot more with it? is it ,that one is too possessive of one’s partner to let him or her go free to love another just like themselves?

I think it would be more respectful to simply man up, accept and face the consequences?

Friends have various theories, from reading about differences between men and women to simply accepting the fact that it’s a normal thing and as long as their family lives are not disrupted they are ok with things.

I’ve heard of ridiculous theories and causes for cheating, like scientific proof of  varying libido’s of men and women,it’s just sex not love, man was not meant to be monogamous look at the the animal kingdom the males usually have more than 1 female in their group, to that’s just how it is, everyone is the same, no matter what!!

I am happy to be able to say that i know many people my husband included enough to know that NOT everyone is an infidel, and many have values they choose to live by.

I feel that if one is looking for excuses surely we’d find plenty.It’s upto each individual to decide and draw the lines they need to draw.

Circumstances, too, many a time don’t allow for a partner to break free even though they know they are being cheated upon.

In my opinion unhealthy levels of tolerance might just be what allows this to fester.

There’s no one solution to the complexity of human relations, but when things come to a point of insanity enough to murder, it’s time for society to assess, not just the solving of a murder but what causes extra martial affairs and how it can be minimised.

Wedding-Cake-Trends-2016Infidelity is one of the main reasons marriages breakup. While getting married is a piece of cake (literally), getting divorced is a whole other ball game.The law has no issues when you tie the proverbial knot but try untying it and it takes you a few good years of your life,business-people-connected-tangled-strings-hand-drawn-cartoon-characters-34144406

a big chunk of your savings, and if you have kids, paper work for years to come until they are adults, all enough for one to simply decide to put up with the bad marriage instead.

Marriage is a tool of financial security put in place by society, but maybe pre-marriage counselling might just prevent a whole lot of break ups from ending up in the counsellors cabin after the damage is done when reconciliation might just be a lifetime compromise!

Sabbath (/ˈsæbəθ/) is a day set aside for rest and worship. 

I do hope on this day of rest, we all introspect a little and realise the values we wish for ourselves be the same as we set for others, for truth,respect and honesty is really love, and only love is real! Happy Sunday!!




deja vu


So it’s almost time for me to start dressing up for another theme based party to ring in the new year .

I asked the kids if they wanted to accompany me to the party, yes, we generally have family friendly parties, where all ages are welcome.

while my young man has plans of his  own, the young lady decided parties are not her thing, but not before asking me a few questions, “is the party with your usual bunch of friends?” yes.” what are you wearing ? oh is it another theme? i bet you guys will meet ,chat, play some games, music and food? “yes, yes,yes i replied. “Just like all your other parties!”, she said.

yes i replied with a laugh, and travelled back in time mentally revisiting most of the new year’s eve parties, i’ve celebrated. She had absolutely hit the nail on the head, not only had we been celebrating in quite the same way even the people hadn’t changed much.

As kids we celebrated with our parents, music, fun laughter and food, the highlights of the evening. Now we celebrate in much the same way with spouses and children adding to the core group, and the parents join us sometimes.

Abba, eye of the tiger, illusion are some of the retro songs that make it to the soundtrack no matter what.

the initial awkwardness and not being able to dance at the start of the evening  where small talk  together with drinks begin to go down, and help bring out our inner micheal jackson’s. Suddenly there’s lots to talk about and it’s upto the dj to get things going. A game maybe to get the party going? it’s 11:30 and everybody worth his two left feet has to be on the floor. We all dance right upto the point where that all familiar track mix begins to play “it’s the final countdown”, and as the whole group begins to count down 10,9,8,. . . .and on 5 the fireworks outside go off, and everyone checks the time, wondering whether  to count on or start wishing. After all the feverish wishing is done and everyone around has been wished, we dance that first slow dance with our dearest ones, (some of us whose spouses might be at work start wishing feverishly on the phone, or pile on to the group hug slow dance going on beside us or decide to get another drink. 30 mins into the new year, we begin to realise the new year is here to stay, if the phone lines are jammed we can wish others the next day too, (along with responding to the emails and messages)and now 12:45 we’ve done it, we’ve brought it in at a legitimate party (unlike that one time we were stuck in traffic on the streets and swore to never let it happen again), it’s time to relax, and suddenly there’s an anticlimactic feeling, as we all realise our taxes still need to be paid, school still sucks and there’s work to be done and if we mix our drinks,we will have a massive hangover.

but then again that’s life and without the rain we won’t have a rainbow now will we. . . .

so predictable as it is, it’s time for me to put on my dancing shoes, and as i do, i hope you have a wonderful evening too!!









OO7- decoding the bond alphabet

the A to Z on Spectre and everything Bond


A is still the preferred car,

B is still suave, unbeatable, and likes it shaken not stirred,

C is not as smart as he thinks he is,

D is to die another day,

E is for escape not matter what,

F lives on to see another day,

G is for guts,guns,glory, and Great Britain,


H is the helicopter of helicopters looping its way through disasters before flying across continents,

I is for invincible,

J almost gave A a run for it’s money,


K is the long seductive weapon used by bond, which is not suitable for indian viewers,


L the length of K reduced to make it suitable for indian viewers, London and locations,locations,locations,

M always knows everything all along,

N is for nights of passion,

O just about tells the time and comes across as a consolation prize,

P is P I to Her Majesty’s Secret Service,

Q is the ultimate mark of intelligence, there is IQ and then there is Q,

R is the supporting role played by Range Rover, and Rolls Royce vying for a spot in the limelight,

S is shaken not stirred,

T is for titilating,

U -undeniably sexy, (he is B, JB therefore he is sexy,)


V -is for vodka martini’s shaken not stirred,

W -is weaponry to die for, and well dressed assassins,

X-x rated for indians,


and oh so



from the Sublime to the ridiculous ; loved Spectre all the way !!





in reverse order

School’s out FINALLY, we’re done, no more mocks,pre-mocks, pre pre-mocks, pre pre pre-mocks, it’s over, finished, fin!

and true to my stingy nature (like my kids say “cheap”), i couldn’t help assess it all. So many years of studying, what did we gain and what did we lose?

The most glaring part of education in today’s times other than the ridiculous importance of getting a 90%+ score by every student is the need to take PRIVATE TUITIONS.

Nearly every child ends up studying with a private tutor in practically every subject, which makes me wonder what the kids actually learn at school?

(A typical schedule of many an indian child is, 8am-2pm schools hours, 4-7 pm tuitons)

Most parents are dissatisfied with teaching quality at school and if one has to really think about it, we spend DOUBLE THE MONEY,TIME AND EFFORT pursuing the same things(studies), while certain crucial aspects of growth, and learning are almost disregarded(extra curriculars). 

So back to assessing; schools years aged 3-16

ages 3-10 (when mind and body are in learning mode):learn to read and write by play,art and fun methods.

no more back breaking bags, please!!

ages 10 onwards (peak years of growth physically and mentally): read and write, absolutely minimum or no more play!

galli cricket
let’s build their backs . . .

At 16 most kids should be pursuing and enjoying a sport or two,because within a few more years they will start working and the sporting years will be behind them,but Indian education system and the lack of space allows for none of that.  The few kids that actually do end up playing and enjoying sports and games  are thanks to their parents efforts or of the privileged few who can afford to be a part of a gymkhana or a club.

Many schools are denied or do not get accreditation because they lack infrastructure (play ground). I do understand the lack of space is a REAL problem, how do we combat that ?

The fact is that a SCHOOL building itself can be the answer to our real estate problems.

Why not convert our schools into play grounds ?

NO i don’t mean ditch the studies altogether, simply introduce a curriculum with books and all, but teaching and studies should be pursued by tutors privately. Then why go to school?

To give exams and pursue sports.

Being a hot country indoor sport is necessary. Dance, art, science- practicals, board games, and organised sport is what can taught in our schools. From Archery to ballet, skating to basketball can be taught in the existing infrastructure.

What this will do, is give every child the opportunity to play a sport /game irrespective of the capacity to join a gym, and giving parents the flexibility to pay for private tuitions based on their pockets and abilities.

Why sport is important ?

Other than boosting physical and mental health, discipline,unity,brotherhood, team-work, leadership, compassion, dealing with cheats, strategising,learning to deal with loss, learning humility in winning, are all attributes learnt through sport and games.

I do understand my concept might sound bizarre and crazy , but then again,breaking the mould is never easy, maybe just maybe, it is time we looked at things differently, and chased after true wealth. The rest will follow!







i got mail

Everyday i get a regular bunch of trash worthy mail, i just glance at the headings mark as read and move to trash.But last week i got one that caught my eye and i thought i must read, it was an email from none other than God Himself.


Phew!, i was glad i didn’t trash it, i share the excerpts of the holy mail with you;

GOD: With what is going on in the world these days Heaven could end up a
ghost town?
My name is God. Sometimes you hardly have time for me. I love you and
will always bless you. I am always with you. I need you to spend
30 seconds of your time with Me today.
Don’t pray, just praise. Today I want this message to go across the
world before midnight. Will you help

Me: (a bit offended, i spend time daily with you wonder how you’ve not noticed) but anyway, Thank you dear Lord, of course i will help.  (i am surprised He contacted me through my friend and needs my help with a “forward”)

GOD:Please do not delete it and I’ll help you with something that you are in
need of. Just dare Me!
A blessing is coming your way. Please drop everything and pass it
Me:( i would’ve helped unconditionally, but would appreciate a  fulfilled wish too.)
 As for daring YOU, i wouldn’t dare now, would i?!
GOD: Why are prayers getting smaller, but bars and clubs are expanding? Why
is it so easy to worship a celebrity, but very difficult to engage
with God?

 Me: (more confused now), Lord, prayer halls are plenty and spacious too, bars are tiny and cramped, and Lord the worship of celebrity’s is quite confined to south India, the most of the world prays to You only.

GOD: Think about it, are you going to forward this or are you going to ignore
it because you think you will get laughed at? Forward this to all
your friends. God said if you deny me in front of your friends, I
will deny you on the day of judgment. When one door closes, God
opens two.
Me: Ok, ok (sounds threatening), although Lord , “i don’t usually do chain letters but considering this one is directly from You, i will”.
?: If God has opened doors for you, send this message to everyone.
Forward if God has been good to you! God has been very good to
me,  He has given me a wonderful family, great friends, great
health for most of my life and so much more!
This email
has been checked for viruses by Avast antivirus
Me: (“Why is He suddenly speaking in 3rd and 1st person all at the same time?, i think to myself,), and i appreciate the fact that He checked for virus’ before mailing me, albeit through a friend, i thought i’d risk breaking this chain, and take it on one on one with Him,on my day of  true calling!
And to the superstitious devils who believe in  chain mails, of the world ,and the one’s who don’t read but simply forward as  “good samaritans” please stop forwarding the B*!!S^#!, ‘cos that’s what it really is!!