in vanity or in vain?

oscar wilde

So  recently I saw a pleasant picture in the newspaper of one of my favourite English movie stars. It’s been a while since we’ve seen or heard of  him . The star in Bridgette jones’ life, the delicious king who stuttered his way through ‘The King’s Speech’ and right through to my heart. He eptiomises everything a woman wants in a man, well mannered, decent, charming, honest, and good looking (not in a drop dead good looking manner but in a way that’ll probably never fade, just gracefully mature with age and time).

Oh, but wait a minute,I blinked at the picture, there was something strange about it. For some reason, the skin on Colin’s face resembled a tightly stretched out bedsheet over a  mattress in a posh five star hotel. Not a single crease. Huh?!! I was shocked and upset. Was it just photoshopped or had he too, fallen for the vanity trap that seems to be gripping many of us these days .

A few months ago when I woke up 1 morning I saw a little crease on my face. I11768762_ee82c908bdthought I’d slept oddly and caused the mark , which would, as it always does, straighten up. A few mornings later I noticed it repeatedly, until it dawned on me, I had my 1st wrinkle. I remember being pretty excited when I saw a few gray strands of hair. Not thrilled but happy nonetheless. It didn’t bother me in the least. Somehow, the whole salt and pepper look to me is very pleasant. I like it. I think it adds character.I don’t like to see perfectly dyed  hair, and eyebrows that are just so done. Gray hair to me are natures’ streaks. I do love colouring my hair, yes of course, I have a fair share of vanity within me too, and I am all for grooming and neatness but I draw the line, between natural and artificial.

These days people are all into botox, implants,and face lifts. While they believe they look stunning, the truth of the matter is they look rather stunned. The eyebrows way too arched, the skin way too stretched.combover

Don’t even get me started on the toupees. Seriously, gentlemen, you look just fine balding. But the toupee good heavens, it doesn’t fool anyone and looks dogtoupeemore like a mop forgotten on your head. Comb overs, now who started them and why ? honestly, that east to west look, when 1 lock of hair is 12 inches long and you try to circumnavigate your whole scalp with it, it’s ridiculous. What’s worse is when the gel keeping it in place gets loose and the lock of hair just dangles falling naturally backwards. Don’t do the back to front comb either. I remember a professor in college who was almost bald but he had 1 long strand of hair that he stuck across his forehead, in an attempt to mark a hairline. Honestly, that is all I remember of him, not sure what he taught, because I couldn’t take my eyes off that hairstyle (if you can call it that).cat comb over

Graying hair, and wrinkling of skin are natural processes , that somehow enhance the beauty of the person. They tell of times gone by, struggles and strifes. Some of us sport worry lines across our foreheads, while some crease around the mouth. Some of us develop frown lines, and some a permanent scowl, enhancing each of our characters as we are. Wrinkles on our hands speak of years of toil and hardwork.adriano-bacchella-shar-pei-puppy-sitting-down-with-wrinkles-on-back-clearly-visible

I don’t know why people fall for these ‘forever young’ fallacies. I say, “enjoy the crooked nose, the uneven hairline, the freckles across your cheeks. Afterall, they are uniquely yours. Nothing looks more elegant than a person
comfortable in their own skin. “

Speaking of wrinkles, my favourites are laugh lines and crows feet. When people laugh with their hearts their smiles light up their eyes and make little crows feet. No amount of make up can make anything more beautiful than the sight of twinkling happy

i’d like to end today’s note with a quote from a lady synonymous with beauty through time;imperfection-is-beauty
And to Colin ,”we like you just the way you are”.