OO7- decoding the bond alphabet

the A to Z on Spectre and everything Bond


A is still the preferred car,

B is still suave, unbeatable, and likes it shaken not stirred,

C is not as smart as he thinks he is,

D is to die another day,

E is for escape not matter what,

F lives on to see another day,

G is for guts,guns,glory, and Great Britain,


H is the helicopter of helicopters looping its way through disasters before flying across continents,

I is for invincible,

J almost gave A a run for it’s money,


K is the long seductive weapon used by bond, which is not suitable for indian viewers,


L the length of K reduced to make it suitable for indian viewers, London and locations,locations,locations,

M always knows everything all along,

N is for nights of passion,

O just about tells the time and comes across as a consolation prize,

P is P I to Her Majesty’s Secret Service,

Q is the ultimate mark of intelligence, there is IQ and then there is Q,

R is the supporting role played by Range Rover, and Rolls Royce vying for a spot in the limelight,

S is shaken not stirred,

T is for titilating,

U -undeniably sexy, (he is B, JB therefore he is sexy,)


V -is for vodka martini’s shaken not stirred,

W -is weaponry to die for, and well dressed assassins,

X-x rated for indians,


and oh so



from the Sublime to the ridiculous ; loved Spectre all the way !!





from holiness to holy mess


As we bid adieu to Ganesha the elephant God, hosted in grandiose for the last 10 days, His farewell is as pompous as His welcome.

While some still try to play the traditional hymns, many prefer to hire the ‘traditional’ (age old) bands belting out renditions of bollywood songs, to accompany the lord’s procession to His final immersion.

Sadly, the harsh reality is that it all ends up as sheer disposal, an inadvertent eventuality.

(WARNING: video is harsh on the senses)

While the trend towards eco friendly idols is creeping forward at a snails pace (for fear of breaking away from tradition), it would be  heartening if guidance were given to people to maybe have a stone or metal idol which could be revered and symbolically immersed only to be stored at home and welcomed again year after year!


…..purchya varshi laukar ya !

could you pass the butter please~bombay for you

baby krishnaRecently we celebrated the birth anniversary ‘Janmashtami’ of Lord Krishna. Also, known as the blue God by followers around the world.

Lord Krishna loved to eat butter,and as a child he always ate up all the butter his mother had churned. She started to put the pot of butter on the top most shelf in the house so that her little one couldn’t reach the pot. Known to be mischievous, he would get to it anyway, causing the pot to break and eating it all up.

Devotees celebrate this festival by attempting to reach a pot of butter tied usually 373316-dahi-handi2or 3 stories high by forming a human pyramid. These back breaking pyramids are formed by boys and men called ‘Govinda’s’.

The Govindas drive across the city trying to get to the pot of butter. Localities sponsor these pots and reward the successful pyramids handsomely.

dahi handi young boy

While many of the groups end up with deliciously buttered fingers, some simply feel it slip away!!  turn up the volume and join in the fun. . . .

Baby, baby,baby

Now now don’t get me wrong I’m not a belieber and am not singing a bieber song. Oh no! I am referring to the movie I recently saw called,’Baby’. 2:45mins of a fit looking Akshay Kumar dealing with our ‘friendly neighbourhood jihadi’s’. I must say I enjoy watching parallel cinema. Not one for romantic movies or books, I’ve always enjoyed stories with a bit more, for the lack of better words- ‘story’ to it. I didn’t say substance because all stories don’t necessarily have substance.

rashid422 Danny_Denzongpa

Well, this one however, started out quite well. It was pleasant to see Danny D back on the screen. He still looks the same as he did in his last movie eons ago (I want those genes). The premise of the story was good. The ‘undeniable inspiration’ from ‘argo’ was over lookable, but  as we sometimes tend to do, add too much masala, eventually made the movie difficult to digest. I was happy to see the lady officer able to hold her own, and the character played by Rasheed Naz (incidently a Pakistani actor) is so well executed, he does make you hate him. Well played! But most of all I am happy, always happy when a new story is gambled with. Different movies and story lines (breaking away from the romantic dramas) have been on the scene for a while now. It’s great to see when new ideas are introduced. I understand the makers of such movies take huge risks, monetarily and otherwise. But this is in the interest of the people and art.

It’s also lovely to see the confluence of holly and bolly wood. Our stars are truly making a mark on the international front. Our world grows albeit ironically as it shrinks. Exposure, exposure, exposure, of cultures, traditions, lifestyles,is the new order of the day.

slumdog millionaire

But I have been wondering, have you noticed, most of our actors grabbing good meaty roles in hollywood movies are generally depicted plain looking and with a very flat accent. I certainly hope that is not a pre requisite for their casting. Our actors do have alot more to offer.

Tabu in Life Of Pi Movie Photos _2_ Irrfan_Khan_2012 om puri

Finding Fanny was another such ridiculously delightful movie which proves my point, of talent beyond accent. Loved everyone in the movie and the quirky storyline itself.

finding fanny

Thank you parallel cinema makers and torch bearers of the art world, for constantly breaking the mould and pushing the envelope.

I am looking forward to the Russel Peters show this weekend, another new genre of entertainment in our world of art, stand up comedy.

Russell_Peters_USO-Pose-Nov-21-07Hopefully his jokes will be kosher enough for everyone to digest, or else, ‘somebody gonna get a hurt real bad’ !!!