something stupid

It was already midnight as usual,I was watching tv before turning in . It’s late I said to myself . Struggling before finally falling off to sleep. Suddenly I woke up, I couldn’t stop thinking of this bad investment I had made and ended up losing it all. As the thoughts swam through my head,sleep took wing and deserted me. Now like an owl I found myself up, thinking of all the goof ups I had made all my life . 

 How could I have been so stupid I thought. Every little thing that has gone wrong in life up until now decided to playback in my head. And how others had planned and orchestrated  theirs lives so perfectly well. 

I began to recall the most financially successful friend’s life, seemed so smooth and perfect. Like on a chess board he had made all the right moves to avoid any mishaps. The happiest family  came to mind next.The kids always did and said the right thing. Eventually I think I did drift off to sleep. 

Waking up next morning with the dull reminder of failure at the back of my mind I went about the day. During the course of the day I decided to catch up with a friend to discuss some ideas and exchange views on a certain subject that he is an ace at. As we spoke he said to me,”if I begin to tell you the mistakes I have made in my life and money lost you will laugh at me”, “really ?, I asked, “I did  such stupid things that I wonder how I didn’t realise it before doing it”, he confessed. “It’s too embarrassing to even say anything “! 

At this point I suddenly felt elated not at his losses but the fact that I wasn’t the only fool or the only one who had ever made a loss or a mistake in my life. 

Of course we all know that success is like an iceberg where most of the struggle is not visible at the surface. Sharing our stories of failures can actually be therapeutic and it is so important. We all hesitate to mention when we do something wrong but when shared somehow the mountain in our heads retracts into the molehill it really is,specially when we get to know we aren’t the only ones having done it.

Sharing stupidity is so important, it helps  solve a mistake, or just lightens up the situation enough to laugh it off. Just mention something that makes you feel sheepish there will be another to share in the feeling, mention a panic attack and the rest of the room will share theirs with you, speak of a childhood trauma and their will be another who has had it worse.

 In conclusion I say there is nothing more healing that sharing something stupid over a cup of coffee with friends, living and learning is what it’s all about. None of us are getting out alive so even if it is something stupid like I love you, say it.For all you know they will love you back!!


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