yours truly

So while January has brought with it some exciting times with evening racing set to become a regular feature at the turf club, and a great place for the likes of me to hang out, it has also brought with it the sagging economy which all governments are trying to lift as is ours with our latest ‘make in india’ theme.

I too am trying to make, a little blue book, the one that’ll help fulfil all my dreams of seeing the world, just like our premier does.

I won’t dive into the saga of the no. of trips one has to make back and forth between different offices for the love of seeing it through.


But I will speak a little about who i really am. Well i am female, not too tall not too short (just right in my eyes hehe), i pay my taxes, i am an account holder, i am the owner of my own properties, i am the mother of the children, the daughter of my parents, the wife of my husband.

But who said so ?

I mean who is to say i am who i say i am ?

So, for the last few weeks i have been gathering up all these documents that prove that i am really me.

i’ve had my little blue book all my life, which has been issued after much scrutiny and verification, my birth certificate states i was indeed born, the cops have checked me out, turns out i was good, the tax authorities have checked me out, my taxes paid, my school says i passed, yay, my bank says i belong, and my documents say i am an owner,my finger tips scanned, my eyes captured on camera, my ugly chicken pox marks made note of, so each and every time they can stand testimony for my authenticity. So i finally had my little blue book which proved that all those facts are indeed true about me and i am who i am.


In the recent times, having to produce documents after documents along with a valid blue book, made me really wonder about it all. Why was a verified document being further verified with supporting documents which were submitted for the issuance of the final verified document which should now be the only document needed to verify me !!

When sometimes after scanning all 10 finger prints, and eyes, and self attestations of documents provided and notarised by the honourable courts can still not be trusted, then what can ??

It did cross my mind that in future we might have to deposit a dash of blood, a sample of skin, a strand of hair, a pint of pee (in case of spillage), and a lump of poo, along with all the documents for verification.


And that my friends will not be the hard part, what will be more difficult will be finding the officer incharge who will verify and stamp the fact that the blood, skin, hair,pee and poo are actually yours.

poop in a box

So all you unsuspecting innocents, when going for any such work in the future, remember, pack the stationary shop in your bag, a needle and syringe to draw the blood(sharing in this case is not caring),a ziplock to put your hair in, a bottle to pee in , a box to poo in, and for all those thinking it’s not on the website, well trust me, the website is always up to date, even if it doesn’t say so!

A Happy happy making to all !!



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