Lazy Sunday morning, i woke up, still tired from the late Saturday night out, I took my mug of warm lemon water, ready to start my morning rituals of lemon water, followed by vitamin D, followed by breakfast, and the newspaper to keep me company through it all.The economic times takes a break on Sunday too leaving me with the gossip times which i generally avoid but today i thought i might as well indulge in reading worthless gossip. it’s Sunday after all, why not, i thought!!

The usual stuff on page one, the obituaries, reading on, nothing we hadn’t already heard of by now, with so many channels of media available,one doesn’t have to wait for the morning paper these days for news. Then something caught my eye, another gruesome murder. A lady and her twin sons murdered a few hours after their wedding anniversary celebration, by what seems like might have been triggered due to an extra marital affair being had by the husband.

Woman, twins murdered in Kolkata home; husband under lens….

Whether the cause is an affair or not is yet to be determined, but extra marital affairs have been the bane of many a families and lives. I have wondered what makes a person cheat? and What makes a partner turn a blind eye?

Having seen one such relationship in the past, up close and personal, i always feel, why can’t  a person own up and come clean? Even when i asked i didn’t get a clear answer, the cat got out the bag ages ago, but there was never any admittance.

Is it the thrill of cheating? would one lose face publicly and a lot more with it? is it ,that one is too possessive of one’s partner to let him or her go free to love another just like themselves?

I think it would be more respectful to simply man up, accept and face the consequences?

Friends have various theories, from reading about differences between men and women to simply accepting the fact that it’s a normal thing and as long as their family lives are not disrupted they are ok with things.

I’ve heard of ridiculous theories and causes for cheating, like scientific proof of  varying libido’s of men and women,it’s just sex not love, man was not meant to be monogamous look at the the animal kingdom the males usually have more than 1 female in their group, to that’s just how it is, everyone is the same, no matter what!!

I am happy to be able to say that i know many people my husband included enough to know that NOT everyone is an infidel, and many have values they choose to live by.

I feel that if one is looking for excuses surely we’d find plenty.It’s upto each individual to decide and draw the lines they need to draw.

Circumstances, too, many a time don’t allow for a partner to break free even though they know they are being cheated upon.

In my opinion unhealthy levels of tolerance might just be what allows this to fester.

There’s no one solution to the complexity of human relations, but when things come to a point of insanity enough to murder, it’s time for society to assess, not just the solving of a murder but what causes extra martial affairs and how it can be minimised.

Wedding-Cake-Trends-2016Infidelity is one of the main reasons marriages breakup. While getting married is a piece of cake (literally), getting divorced is a whole other ball game.The law has no issues when you tie the proverbial knot but try untying it and it takes you a few good years of your life,business-people-connected-tangled-strings-hand-drawn-cartoon-characters-34144406

a big chunk of your savings, and if you have kids, paper work for years to come until they are adults, all enough for one to simply decide to put up with the bad marriage instead.

Marriage is a tool of financial security put in place by society, but maybe pre-marriage counselling might just prevent a whole lot of break ups from ending up in the counsellors cabin after the damage is done when reconciliation might just be a lifetime compromise!

Sabbath (/ˈsæbəθ/) is a day set aside for rest and worship. 

I do hope on this day of rest, we all introspect a little and realise the values we wish for ourselves be the same as we set for others, for truth,respect and honesty is really love, and only love is real! Happy Sunday!!




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