deja vu


So it’s almost time for me to start dressing up for another theme based party to ring in the new year .

I asked the kids if they wanted to accompany me to the party, yes, we generally have family friendly parties, where all ages are welcome.

while my young man has plans of his  own, the young lady decided parties are not her thing, but not before asking me a few questions, “is the party with your usual bunch of friends?” yes.” what are you wearing ? oh is it another theme? i bet you guys will meet ,chat, play some games, music and food? “yes, yes,yes i replied. “Just like all your other parties!”, she said.

yes i replied with a laugh, and travelled back in time mentally revisiting most of the new year’s eve parties, i’ve celebrated. She had absolutely hit the nail on the head, not only had we been celebrating in quite the same way even the people hadn’t changed much.

As kids we celebrated with our parents, music, fun laughter and food, the highlights of the evening. Now we celebrate in much the same way with spouses and children adding to the core group, and the parents join us sometimes.

Abba, eye of the tiger, illusion are some of the retro songs that make it to the soundtrack no matter what.

the initial awkwardness and not being able to dance at the start of the evening  where small talk  together with drinks begin to go down, and help bring out our inner micheal jackson’s. Suddenly there’s lots to talk about and it’s upto the dj to get things going. A game maybe to get the party going? it’s 11:30 and everybody worth his two left feet has to be on the floor. We all dance right upto the point where that all familiar track mix begins to play “it’s the final countdown”, and as the whole group begins to count down 10,9,8,. . . .and on 5 the fireworks outside go off, and everyone checks the time, wondering whether  to count on or start wishing. After all the feverish wishing is done and everyone around has been wished, we dance that first slow dance with our dearest ones, (some of us whose spouses might be at work start wishing feverishly on the phone, or pile on to the group hug slow dance going on beside us or decide to get another drink. 30 mins into the new year, we begin to realise the new year is here to stay, if the phone lines are jammed we can wish others the next day too, (along with responding to the emails and messages)and now 12:45 we’ve done it, we’ve brought it in at a legitimate party (unlike that one time we were stuck in traffic on the streets and swore to never let it happen again), it’s time to relax, and suddenly there’s an anticlimactic feeling, as we all realise our taxes still need to be paid, school still sucks and there’s work to be done and if we mix our drinks,we will have a massive hangover.

but then again that’s life and without the rain we won’t have a rainbow now will we. . . .

so predictable as it is, it’s time for me to put on my dancing shoes, and as i do, i hope you have a wonderful evening too!!









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