OO7- decoding the bond alphabet

the A to Z on Spectre and everything Bond


A is still the preferred car,

B is still suave, unbeatable, and likes it shaken not stirred,

C is not as smart as he thinks he is,

D is to die another day,

E is for escape not matter what,

F lives on to see another day,

G is for guts,guns,glory, and Great Britain,


H is the helicopter of helicopters looping its way through disasters before flying across continents,

I is for invincible,

J almost gave A a run for it’s money,


K is the long seductive weapon used by bond, which is not suitable for indian viewers,


L the length of K reduced to make it suitable for indian viewers, London and locations,locations,locations,

M always knows everything all along,

N is for nights of passion,

O just about tells the time and comes across as a consolation prize,

P is P I to Her Majesty’s Secret Service,

Q is the ultimate mark of intelligence, there is IQ and then there is Q,

R is the supporting role played by Range Rover, and Rolls Royce vying for a spot in the limelight,

S is shaken not stirred,

T is for titilating,

U -undeniably sexy, (he is B, JB therefore he is sexy,)


V -is for vodka martini’s shaken not stirred,

W -is weaponry to die for, and well dressed assassins,

X-x rated for indians,


and oh so



from the Sublime to the ridiculous ; loved Spectre all the way !!





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