veg, non-veg or Indian ?

14530341-Illustration-of-a-cartoon-chef-cook-character-holding-a-white-book-for-restaurant-menu-Stock-VectorLast week i decided to host a dinner party for a big bunch of friends, and of course FOOD is what everyone wanted to know about, “what will you be serving?”, was the question most asked.

I thought i’d keep it simple with 2 mains which would cater to the non-veg and the veg, and keep the rest of the starters vegetarian for convenience.

And so my planning began;

25 persons in all

15 non-veg 10 veg,simple, not really!!

Planning was under way, and RSVP is not something that people actually bother about in indian culture, so i called each one again. Here are some of the responses i got from the various guests:

‘Hi, i eat non-veg but only chicken i don’t like anything else’.

“I eat non-veg but not on saturday but i will eat post mid night as techincally it’s sunday and i love the food at your place.”

“I eat everything but without onion and garlic.”

“i don’t eat fish”.

“i don’t eat pork”.

“i don’t eat red meat, or prawns the rest is ok”.

“It’s my fast so i can eat only fruit or sago, can you make a little sago for me?”.

“I am veg but when i go out i eat non veg”.

“I am veg generally but will eat gravy from a non-veg dish”.

“I am strictly veg and please no eggs in the dessert for me”.

“I am veg but eggs in dessert is fine”.

“I am strictly non-veg no grass and leaves for me please”.

aaargghhhh!! needless to say planning was a nightmare, and as we munch through the leftovers of the 10 variations prepared enough to feed 40persons it’ll be awhile before i muster up the courage to throw another party!


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