In the SPIRIT of dusshera

In recent times we’ve seen disharmony amongst communities more than ever before and religion takes the blame.

Religion was simply put in place in times where man probably needed direction on a way of life. One that’ll help us balance the gift of material and spiritual graced upon us.

Spirituality itself speaks of the SPIRIT as well as RITUALS.

But over time the lack of guidance and misdirection, has lead to man holding on to the rituals and letting of go the spirit!

Today, is dusshera a day symbolising triumph over evil.

Ten heads of evil~lust,anger, attachment,greed, pride,jealousy,selfishness, injustice,cruelty,and ego.

Raavan depicts the evils that exist in all of us and Ram the symbol of good a power that also resides within each and everyone of us. Today is the day celebrated where Ram overcame Raavan a symbolism of Good overcoming the bad.

Raavan and Ram are not without they are in fact within!

I hope that along with the ritualistic burning of the Raavan, lightings of lamps (symbol of glowing of the soul)and hanging of marigold flowers(symbols of surrender and strength) ,we recognise our own faults, and the TRUE SPIRIT  of humanity, kindness,tolerance, respect and love for fellow humans  is aroused within each of us and is a reason to celebrate diversity and life itself not just today BUT EVERYDAY!

Looking forward to a happy, lynch free,rape free, kind and tolerant society!!


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