Dr. Who ?

I haven’t been able to write for the longest and i apologise to my three and a half followers, you know who you are, but being part of  a couple of social service groups has taken up a lot of my time recently and i haven’t felt that inspired to write much. Other than that i now have to watch my p’s and q’s cause the eye in the sky just empowered itself and has threatened to screw me if i so much as think of uttering anything i may see unfit, unfair, unjust  or unscrupulous. so while i  immunise myself to myworld around me, and that affecting me, i begin to focus on  matters that don’t.

Guess who was conferred upon with a doctorate recently(again), our very own sh sh shah rukh . so now he is d d d d doctor shah rukh, is it?

I wondered what he’s done to get this high honour , apparently it’s for philanthropy, global reach as an actor, altruism and humanitarianism.(don’t get me wrong i was a fan too, up until he hooked up with karan and got in touch with his feminine side, and turned into dr. boo hoo).

I was always enamoured by these decorations, and somehow the people getting them were so awe inspiring. But over time i feel there has been a dilution,just as the word ‘awesome’ is used  even to  describe something trivial as the first time a baby uses his potty correctly these days. The actual essence of it is lost.

Ok ok maybe that’s a tad harsh, but honestly, let’s look at the basis here, philanthropy~ he isn’t the only one and there are many of us who do so with our money and time. Yours truly, has been so busy the past few weeks dedicating time to humanity (and charity begins at home, which makes all of us stay at homes candidates,our bank accounts will vouch for it too).

Global reach as an actor~ honestly, now, considering that over 1 billion of us are scattered all over the planet, how hard could that be.

Altruism~ i had to look this one up, “selfless help” (is there another kind?),  and kindness towards others

Humanitarianism~ kindness towards others.

I do not understand why one has to be conferred upon with a fancy degree for NoT being selfish and the last one, why isn’t the other human being err i mean human who is trying to be, err the one who is being a human,considered for this  high honour too? So what if he met with a slight accident, thats no reason to not doctorise him.

These doctorates are sometimes conferred upon repeatedly, how does that work, is he now dr. dr. so and so? And what if in time they mess up real bad and all that was glittering turned out not to be gold after all, is the title taken back?

Like our famous oh sorry now infamous dr., the black dog of the family, whose inherited ales,cocky tales and kingsize lifestyle, made him a doctor, eventually crash landing himself and the next generations into  a hangover  enough to last a few lifetimes.

Will he now be de-doctored?

Well, no one knows and i’m sure the gentry must debate this passionately over high tea and scones, with raised eyebrows and hushed tones!

All in all i’ve realised that while some decorations are genuine, many doctorates are simply branded decorations, seeking attention by the conferrers or the conferrees, and really are nothing to quack about!!


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