un-pimp my city

The trees were tall, green and lush, as the sun shone through and glistened on the waterfall that Adam and Eve had discovered a few days ago while they explored this beautiful planet called earth. There seemed to be bounty wherever they went discovering new vegetables and fruits everyday on their journey around the world. Everyday offered new promise and they set off in a new direction depending on where their fancy took them.

It’s 2015 and i stand in line applying for a visa for the holiday i wish to take a few months from now. Complete with letters from our bosses, and fee receipts from school promising that we will return home and not settle down in the visiting country. 

Between the time that Adam and Eve enjoyed  earth and now a lot has happened, i’m not sure if i can fathom it all but i know, borders were drawn, divisions were made, and what was essentially ours is now yours,mine or no ones!

So while we all now belong to parts of our world or do the parts belong to us, i am confused, we are taught of war and strife undergone by our forefathers for our nation,we become patriotic enough to lay down our lives for the piece of land we so love and one that graciously has accepted us, except that the land has no say, it willingly serves us produce irrespective of where we were born and what colour or shape or size or race we are.

History as i see it should be taught not so we may avenge, but as an example of what not to do, with basic take aways of the good, the bad and the ugly,at the end of lessons, not to learn dates and give exams on them. 

While the politicians within us  fragmented the earth along the way on petty differences, it now seems like its breaking up into tiny bits enough to make it crumble. And while it crumbles we witness it’s uglifying and our senses are subject to atrocities, where nature’s beauty was our birthright.

where pretty islands of green once were, there are hoardings with claims of work done for the people by politicians, every installation of a safety measure or an aid has an ugly hoarding of groups of people taking credit for it, while they are the most fickle of the lot who jump ship at the drop of a hat, they wish each other birthday greetings and their people are wished for every little occasion there is.

happy independence dayDear Sirs (to whomsoever it may concern),

So coming back to some facts of the land itself, which is owned by governments put into place by me, which actually makes the land mine in a way,so while it is used for advertisements and raising of funds which i understand is a necessity but it is important that a line be drawn somewhere, once upon a time our land was dotted with a few hoardings freckled along the way now one has to try and find the city behind all the sold spaces;

happy birthdayall i want to say sir is, stop screwing up the environment with your hoardings wishing us for our festivities, or telling us that you brought fresh vegetables to our door step, stop putting up boards with every cc tv installation with an “i did it” attached to it, after all it is the tax payers funds that are dipped into for everything not personal funds. Labelling of garbage bins will not win you brownie points, and dear sirs, if you truly desire to wish your colleagues a happy birthday just call them up, announcing it via a hoarding in a public space does not make it sincere, it’s in fact a newer low, one that is pretty close to rock bottom.

Dear Sir, while i do understand things in your line of work have gotten worse over time and washing each other’s dirty linen publicly is very important, i do request you to take it online. With things going digital, may we please have our islands bridge hoardingsTata-DOCOMO-signage hoardings 2 hoardings hoardings-in-mumbai-620x350back to the eye pleasing natural green minus all hoardings now, in fact dear sir, may we please not have any hoardings at all any more, yes kindly take them all down,and simply have more trees,may we please have back our old view while we drive to a hill station where the view of the mountain and waterfalls is clear and  devoid of any advertisements, and a hint of the paradise  that we were gifted with, at the very start, give us back a time in our city that once was, before our spaces were hoarded and pimped !! 


sore eyed citizen

mumbai-secretariat cuffe parade



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