from holiness to holy mess


As we bid adieu to Ganesha the elephant God, hosted in grandiose for the last 10 days, His farewell is as pompous as His welcome.

While some still try to play the traditional hymns, many prefer to hire the ‘traditional’ (age old) bands belting out renditions of bollywood songs, to accompany the lord’s procession to His final immersion.

Sadly, the harsh reality is that it all ends up as sheer disposal, an inadvertent eventuality.

(WARNING: video is harsh on the senses)

While the trend towards eco friendly idols is creeping forward at a snails pace (for fear of breaking away from tradition), it would be  heartening if guidance were given to people to maybe have a stone or metal idol which could be revered and symbolically immersed only to be stored at home and welcomed again year after year!


…..purchya varshi laukar ya !

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