could you pass the butter please~bombay for you

baby krishnaRecently we celebrated the birth anniversary ‘Janmashtami’ of Lord Krishna. Also, known as the blue God by followers around the world.

Lord Krishna loved to eat butter,and as a child he always ate up all the butter his mother had churned. She started to put the pot of butter on the top most shelf in the house so that her little one couldn’t reach the pot. Known to be mischievous, he would get to it anyway, causing the pot to break and eating it all up.

Devotees celebrate this festival by attempting to reach a pot of butter tied usually 373316-dahi-handi2or 3 stories high by forming a human pyramid. These back breaking pyramids are formed by boys and men called ‘Govinda’s’.

The Govindas drive across the city trying to get to the pot of butter. Localities sponsor these pots and reward the successful pyramids handsomely.

dahi handi young boy

While many of the groups end up with deliciously buttered fingers, some simply feel it slip away!!  turn up the volume and join in the fun. . . .

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