i know it’s hard. . .

a wish i wish for someone suffering from cancer,and for everyone out there struggling with what may seem endless, a simple wish to just be happy for this too will pass~


i know it’s hard,

but smile you must,

for in the unknown we know we trust,

pain and pleasure are but one,

Soothing tears of hurt and joy we weep,

stemming from just ONE soul so deep!

sad baby

i know it’s hard,

but shine you must,

for the light that is you, is only true,

Knowing that things are meant to be,

for every caterpillar must struggle you see,

to emerge the monarch he was meant to be!


i know it’s hard,

but laugh you must,

for Mother Nature is kind and just,

she aches with you and holds up a rattle,

eager to hear that familiar chuckle,

your strength you bear will n’er let you buckle!

happy babylaughing babytoothless smile

i know it’s hard,

but glow you must,

the tide is high, but it’s changing too,

taking us all to places new,

the salt will burn as will the sun, but without a tan, now what’s the fun,

while we swim on, light house never out of sight,

she watches and knows how much we can fight,

just when we think we can do no more,

there comes a wave and washes us ashore,

safe at last we collapse with a smile,

salty and glowing on the sand we loll,

we burst out in laughter,

for this is just a game, like a roller coaster,

with no real end and no real after!


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