Turning wishes into horses -Bombay for you

  september 8th sees the birth anniversary of Mother Mary, holy mother of Christ. 

  Bandra a suburb of Mumbai hosts the Mount Mary Church. Every year Novena (special prayers for nine days) are held leading up to the birthday and a feast to celebrate the occasion. A special statue of mother and child is brought in for this week (complete with procession and a befitting band ).The Sunday after, a week long fair begins where believers from different parts and faiths visit this particular church. It is believed that mother Mary grants one his or her wishes during this time. 


 While candles in the shape of babies, and limbs have long since been a common sight the new age wants are depicted with houses, shops, pets, and hard cash , wax formations. 

Hundreds and thousands of people pour in everyday for the whole week and many with new born babies to offer thanks, make for a heart warming sight. 

While many hope for their dreams of being realised so do the shop keepers who buy a license for this one week in a hope for an extra buck. 


While many choose to make merry after the piety, they head out to enjoy the giant wheel and other rides before they end their evening.


 I suppose one could call this a balance of the spiritual and material much like life itself!


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