pornification. . .

A couple of days ago my children informed me there was a ban called upon the access of viewership of porn. I looked straight faced at them, trying not to emote the thoughts racing through my head, the one big one being, ”how does it affect you?”. Luckily before I could react, they went on that it wasn’t the porn itself, but about how not having the freedom to make one’s choices is not very democratic.

I gathered there had been a discussion probably amongst friends at school and this was a spill over effect of the same. Nonetheless, the discussion of the most famous and recent ban has been rife.

I have been wondering what the objective  we try to achieve is, when we ban something? Many a times it ends up creating a whole new route to feed a now bigger craving, fuelled by the thought of deprivation.

It’s strange but the human mind goes into absolute greed mode the minute it is informed of diet control. Suddenly, the thought of not getting beef burgers drove people to comment as if they survived on it. A frenzied stocking up of alchohol starts, (sometimes enough for a whole year, just in case), with the anticipation of a few dry days. Curbed gold imports led to high levels of smuggling. Smokers will smoke 2 cigarettes instead of 1 before boarding a long flight.Remember the demand for ‘imported’ stuff many years ago before the markets opened up.

Sure enough, the sales of dvd’s in the gray market shot up within a day of the latest ban. Of course, we are aware there will be fine tuning to the same. But I doubt porn was discussed so openly and widely ever before this, in our society. Every news channel, newspaper, social media platform, had something to say about it. The industry itself was discussed, jokes were shared, and suddenly, porn was out of the closet, turning into dining table discussion.

I remember, on a visit to a national park several years ago, as our bus drove into the lions enclosure, we stopped for the planned 3 minute visual halt to watch the lions. As it would be, the lion got up and mounted the lioness just then. Luckily, for us our kids were too young and distracted,the rest on the bus seemed unperturbed, although, another Indian family on the bus immediately covered their childrens, eyes, my friend and I burst into peels of laughter at the situation as a whole. The thing is, we as a society never openly discuss the birds and the bees, as a matter of fact. It’s always been a hush hush topic. But now, thanks to the ban, just like meat and wine, everyone wants some. Some want to know what it is, some pretend they never knew about it, some pretend they know all there is to know about it.From the street vendor to the banker, everyone has an opinion. It is now a legit point of discussion.

I don’t know how effective all the various curbs will be, but this one has certainly opened up a topic of basic intimacy, that needs addressing, that needs to be explained as a fact of life which is meant to be dealt with respect and dignity. In the wake of this parents are choosing to speak to their kids more openly, because we know that once they grow up they will decide for themselves .People are beginning to speak up, even the “haww brigade” is facing up to reality. Acceptance and tolerance of each adults choices is important for harmony. We must get rid of the holier than thou attitude which is an ugly cover of hypocrisy.  The uproar against the right of choice and growth spurt in the black market signifies a stand people choose to take and the fact that we’re willing to take a more grown up look at things.

A mature and informed society, is capable of making it’s own choices!

Mazel Tov, we as a society seem to be coming of age!

mazel tov

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