love thy neighbour . . . .

Good Sunday morning to all, groggy good morningunless some of you are waking up groggy from the heavy partying of Saturday night or worse couldn’t sleep because of others partying away until the wee hours of the morning.

No matter how many cups of coffee or tea you down , the restful weekend rejuvenation you looked forward to is written off, and maybe you can go watch that movie or go out shopping with your family another day, as the afternoon will be needed for that much needed sleep you lost last night.

Once again, the apparent  existence of  apathy in our society has raised it’s ugly head, in the form of a party having to be quietened down by the intervention of the authorities.

Why, I’ve always wondered,why, does it have to come down to this?

baraatSince we were young children we have dealt with functions being held on grounds in our neighbourhoods reserved for ‘green relief’, being rented out for weddings ,where the thumping bands, the deafening baraats,
and the early morning bidaai’s were a regular affair, leaving us sleepless and cursing every wedding that took place. Weekends came with dreadful evening. Endless calls to the authorities led to no avail, until we decided to pack up and leave.

In our posh new neighbourhood, we looked forward to some peace and decorum.

Well, well what a surprise we had in store. Just because people belong to a different strata of society doesn’t really mean that they behave much differently.

Culture of course is inherent and cannot be bought with money. So here too, we did have to contend with parties going on till the wee hours of the morning. Sometimes, the neighbours warned us in advance, “tonight we are having a party, so be warned “.sleepless Like that really is going to help. My 90 year old grandma lived with us at that point in time and one bad night of sleep meant many days to recover.

I too am guilty of having thrown a couple of parties,(even though my parents always warned us that we should be careful not to disturb others),but I guess at some point, I have suffered callous behavior and could not be bothered to care.If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Although, this adopted attitude by me didn’t last very long.

Many of us have complained and suffered, with noisy parties.

noise cancelling headphones neighbour noise

What has always perturbed me, is how does it not occur to people that their actions are the cause of distress to others. Why would they want to be a nuisance to others. I’m sure even they have been through times when they have been disturbed by others’ actions, shouldn’t this be a lesson of what not to do.

Celebrate, throw a party, by all means, but be aware of surroundings and neighbourhoods. If a party must be thrown with loud music, keep it contained so it stays within the four walls it’s meant for.

Have the grand wedding you’ve always dreamed of, but don’t let it become your neighbours’ nightmare.

Life is short, let your celebrations be a time where everyone wishes you well, not a time of dread for all.

It’s time to start making a noise, about not making a noise!!


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