Happy Anniversary Alice!



It’s been 150 years since Alice in Wonderland first appeared on the scene. For years we’ve enjoyed the strange story of the little girl who fell down a hole and met a rabbit wearing a hat and throwing a tea party.

Although, faced with new times the kids of today do ask, ‘what was she on?’   the first time I heard the kids pass this remark I was unsure as to how to react .We as children enjoyed the story, simply for what it was, even as adults for that matter, unquestioningly. Well, thanks to the makers, the new movie has breathed fresh life into her and she will live on for now at least.

wheels on the busThe kids today learn new stuff, like wheels on the bus go round and round, (improves motor skills you see), and of course the macchlee (fish) queen of the water, who “sleeps” if she is taken out of the water because we donot use the “D” word with kids anymore. I don’t know why though, we dealt with the facts of life just fine, our parents didn’t shield us from harsh realities, they taught us enough to be able to face up to them and deal with them. We sang oranges and lemons. . . . .think of me till I am dead!  Our motor skills work just fine too.

Sadly, though many of our favourite characters and nursery rhymes have died a quiet death, with the new age motor skill building, appropriate stuff, replacing them, I do miss them, as nonsensical as some of them were.

heydiddle-graphicsfairy005bI did do my best in introducing them to my kids, But with the new gen asking as many questions as they do, explaining why jack’s head was wrapped with vinegar and brown paper upon falling, and what Goldie1happened to Jill ,”was she alright? , and why the grand old duke of york , simply kept marching his men back and forth aimlessly up and down the hill, got rather tricky. How do you explain the  Cow that jumped over the moon  and errr the dish that ran away with the spoon, huh?

The nursery rhymes, when one thinks of them, are linked to history and times (usually not very nice times though). Round and round the garden speaks of the plague, Baa Baa Black sheep, think cotton pickers and slavery(I suppose it is incorrect at any level).

old woman in a shoeThey were even a bit horrifying, There was an old lady who lived in a shoe, she had so many children she didn’t know what to do ??? . . . .she spanked them to bed, OMG! , goosy ganderthen there was Goosey Gander who threw an old man down the stairs only because he didn’t say his prayers.

Not to mention Rock a bye baby,  . .down will come baby cradle and all, CREEPY AS HELL!

Now I am beginning to wonder how we grew up unscathed from these poems, and should our kids learn this stuff, i ask myself?

But I suppose, time and tide are taking care of that ,

humptyHumpty Dumpty never really recovered from his fall at the turn of the millennium, none of the governments could be bothered to put him back together.

Little Jack Horner, took a turn for the nasty and only his incest is spoken of.

Mary ended up forgotten like her slaughtered lamb.

The global warming perished Mary Mary quite contrary’s garden along with her.

Mary Poppins still survives the challenge put up by Nanny McPhee.

I am coming to terms with the fact, that my time is phasing out, and I am kind of dated as are the rhymes i grew up with (the pictures posted can be found in ‘vintage rhymes’). Come to think of it, these nursery rhymes probably scarred me a little, missmuffeteverytime I eat curds and whey I am reminded of a giant spider, and when we cut open a pie a tiny little part of me still expects a black bird to fly out of it.Gross!!black birds

Yes, what happens is for the best! I too wonder now, “what were they on when they penned this stuff down?”

In time to come, just like little bo peep, and little boy blue, people will ask, “Alice?, who the f*#k is Alice?”

noddy and friendsLife is too complex for kids these days to understand the simplicities of Noddy’s world.

Jack has smartened up and will now slay the giant by hacking into his computer and transferring all his funds to his own account.

It’s the Millenium!!

RIP Aesop, Enid Blyton, Lewis Caroll and so many authors, whose stories we enjoyed growing up on and continue to warm our hearts!

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