winner takes it all. . .

At the outset a big congratulations on the birth of the royal princess to each and everyone of you! It’s so amazing how excited we all get for something that doesn’t concern us at all. But we do, and we’re happy for the young couple who now have a “complete family”.

and for now closer  home , things that actually do concern us. . .

rolling-dicethe dice finally cast; a much anitcipated week drew to a close.

mid week brought with it a pleasant surprise , a decision that made the “chalta hain” days look like they might soon become a thing of the past.

a case which has been skidding and sliding its way out, seemed engulfed in the clutches of the law.

only to make for the ,”speediest U turn” witnessed so far.

before one could say, “come on Charlie very quick”, with sleight of hand it was out. Free!!

Every household worth it’s salt has been discussing ‘the case’ , heated discussions and debates in both favours.

I too heard my kids discuss with their friends what they felt , and some said, if they had committed a folly they’d rather admit it and face the consequences rather than drag the issue. Another voiced, that a celebrity should infact set an example. I thought, it’s nice to see, the kids listen to their conscience, and i felt proud of the values they displayed, all of which we as  parents try and inculcate in them.

My joy was rather short lived, for two days later, the same kids were heard saying, “it’s cool to do anything, you can manage to get away with it”. “you just have to pull some strings aunty, one little boy came and explained to me”. I doubt he even knows what it meant. It doesn’t really matter who wins or loses.

baby msg rcvd

At the end of the day, what we as a society have lost is hope in a system, stylised to work as a backbone; but indeed lacks marrow and reinforced a new generation with a, “sab chalta hain” attitude.

On that note, It’s time now for a little summer getaway for me from all this heat, so, hasta la vista!!


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