here, there and everywhere

remember that whole ghar vapsi (going back home) thing , that caused quite a bit of ruffled feathers (just one of the silly brain waves of recent times).

well today’s story is of one such family that took leave of their senses and got caught in the emotional tide and decided to find their way “home”;

So senior Mr.Abbas called for a meeting with his clan. All 7 children along with spouses and grandkids in tow, attended the meeting over lunch.

Mrs. Abbas had made an effort to prepare biryani and firni for the momentous occasion, the smell of it cooking slowly emanating from the kitchen made the family eager to get on with the meeting and get to tucking into some lunch.

The patriach didn’t waste time and dove straight into the matter of concern. He announced to the family that on doing some research, he had discovered that his great great grandfather who they always knew to be Abbasjaan was originally Abbotbhai . During the mughal reign they felt the need to convert and adopt a new way of life , due to social and eonomic pressures. Abbotbhai decided to turn into Abbas. Soon he became very popular in the “mohalla” and jaan got linked to his new identity.

The family was now in utter disbelief. Rapt in attention mr.abbas continued how the government was now compensating all those who wished to return to their real roots. All 32 family members started debating aloud about the new suggestion they faced . Finally, mr. Abbas being the revered head spoke up and informed htem that the decision was made to convert (or reconvert as they were indeed converts already) back to their old caste.

In time the Abbas’ became Abbot’s. Shaheen’s became Shahid, Armaan’s became Aman, Saira’s became Sita, and , you get the drift!!

Paper work done, gazette’s of name change done, the Abbot’s started living their new (actually original), lifestyles.

Senior mrs.A also became an expert at a veg biryani (with the slight trouble of over marinating the paneer). she was too hard wired in making sure it “gallowed” (cooked). She still thought of it as the ‘meat’ of the dish.

Sharara’s became shalwars, and adaab turned into namaste. The skull caps retired into a remote cupboard corner, and the tasbih became a mala.

Compensation promised by the government received.

Couple of months later it was time to get one of the grand daughter’s married. She was all of 18 and time would soon run out if a good groom was not found . Proposals were sought through match makers but all came back in the negative. Some matchmakers avoided taking on the task.  Afterall how reliable could recent entrants into the community be? afterall they’d eaten non veg their whole lives, remnants were probably still left inside, said another.

The family began to realise the reality of their decision.

Young, Sangita previously Shabina, confessed to her mother that she secretly loved Amir, a boy of their previous community. The mother hesitated but thought it no harm as the girl would simply have to go back to the previous community. Which afterall was not new to them, not until 3 generations ago.

Amir who had liked Shabina too, now decided he wasn’t too enamoured by Sangita, specially as she was of another community. How would she adjust ?

Slowly, it dawned on the Abbots, that they were not part of any community any more. Not well received by the new and outcast from the old.

They decided they might as well go back to where they came from, which is what they had done in the first place, but home seemed to have moved on in time, and now they are the Abbas’.

So history did repeat itself eventually, taking the Abbots to Abbas to Abbas to Abbas to Abbot and back to Abbas. . . .confused ? yes so are they . . . unfortunately now like the proverbial “dhobi ka kutta, na ghar ka na ghat ka”

FYI: the premise of this story is based on some truth
A classic case of misguided folk and unfocussed leaders.
Governance shouldn’t bother about how one eats, dresses, prays or performs their last rites. Governance should focus on growth of all as a whole. It takes differently abled parts to build a motor. All doing their roles to make it move forward.

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