battling the big C

vaccineRecently the government decided to launch a vaccination drive called Indradhanush. All necessary vaccines will be made available and compulsory for those who’ve missed their vaccinations , thereby hoping to eradicate polio, hepatitis B, whooping cough, diphtheria, tetanus, tuberculosis and measles.

This is a laudable drive (among others) undertaken by the authorities! Certainly a step in the right direction.

India being at the threshold of growth and the economy expected to sky rocket in the next couple of years , it would certainly help if the next gen was a healthier one.

With 97% of  the Indian population being below the taxable income group, the burden on the rest is a heavy one to bear, ill health will simply be a drain on funds, which can be directed to the use of growth.

poverty kids
health is wealth
beggar with dollar
wealth helps sustain health


But can a drive of this kind be enough to sustain and boost a country of this magnitude?



Eradication is needed but will that pull the poor out of the miserable conditions they live in, on a daily basis to which they have sadly immunised themselves ?

Bombay now Mumbai (i’m not sure how helpful name changes are), is bursting at it’s seams with slums propping up by  people who leave their little towns and villages to come to the city in a hope to improve their standard of living. Not in a hope of striking it rich, simply a hope to get 3 square meals, a roof overhead, and clothes to cover up. The basics of survival, which should be the right of every individual. What should be ‘a given’ !! All they end up with, most of the time is less than what they left behind.

flyover slums
AIM; No more heart wrenching sights

Development of small towns and villages making them the centre of production will stop migration to big cities, unclutter, and make for  an even growth countrywide. But for this infrastructure and linkages should be in place. This of course is nothing new, we all know this. But why has this not happened ?

rainbow injectionKickbacks; the under the table culture the biggest disease of them all, is so deep rooted that unless it is completely eradicated, all  efforts, whether by government driven drives or NGO’s will be, akin to pouring a bucket of clean water into a salty sea.

what we need is a high salaried public sector with transparency, answerability, and productivity at it’s core.

Money the bacteria that keeps Corruption alive is a necessary evil, one cannot expect workers to survive on meagre incomes and not succumb to bribe, or the businessman who is trying to make ends meet in an ever competitive, time constrained market to not offer one. Running of the state should be similar to private enterprises where hiring and firing are legal. Where productivity justifies salaries and perks. This,coupled with a judiciary standing strong in an independent capacity with high salaried judges will be a game changer, one needed now more than ever before.A romantic notion though, i agree!

A european business partner once visiting mumbai looked out from our  high-rise office , down at the shanties on the rocks, as the waves lashed the coast , he watched the urchins and said, ” it is not easy to die”!

shanties on the coast
urchins in mumbai
Unless and until a vaccination for Corruption is not found and injected,  all we will end up with is a healthier vote bank, which will act as lead to a swimmer flapping hard to surface.

pot of gold                                                        Happy Labour Day!!

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