No honey! 69 is not listed. . . .

My last post was one written by my daughter , an argumentative for her school. It’s nice know the thoughts of a teen , and gives one an idea of the  pulse of the new generation.

But now it’s back to a grown up  world , which sometimes seems more warped than a child’s.

Today’s post is not really a part of MYWORLD per se, but it has tickled my funny bone, enough to write a little on it. .

Saudi Arabia will now be getting it’s 1st ever “sex shop” .

helal sex shop Helal-Sex-Shop-ve-Cübbeli

Now now hold your horses  before you go ahead and click on  ‘book’,  for your next  holiday to mecca, you must know a few things.

First and foremost the new shop is not intended to convert Saudi into a ‘sex haven’ , oh no! It is in fact a “sharia compliant” “purely halal” endeavour.

The products on sale don’t really have anything to do with the “sex act itself” , good heavens no!

goat bride

The idea and intent behind it, is to improve relations between husband and wife (goats please excuse). All items on sale like candles, aromatic fragrances, sheets printed with cute  goat pictures etc, are only to heighten the  overall  atmosphere, and sensuality, improve intimacy, not to be confused with sex, please!

blow up doll fluffy handcuffs

The fate of the toys rests in the hands of the clerics , all those he deems as atmosphere enhancing will pass the test , the ones that actually partake may not fit the bill at all.

sex-brahmacharya incense cd book

There will be things on sale that heighten spirituality too. I wonder what those could be, maybe heady incense burning with some chants repeated in a low husky seductive voice, slowly increasing in pace.



aphrodisiac_viagraAgain foods; are aphrodisiacs ok or do only  subtle foods like strawberries and non alchoholic champagne get the green signal? (hey all those who are sniggering at the non alchoholic part remember it’s only placebo that is the aim)

Decisions, decisions, decisions, as difficicult as they are will have to be made. The line between evil and good must be drawn , and good guidance given.

essential_oils_main_graphic oils massage oilsThe poor clerics have some difficult calls  to make I’m sure, (but for the sake of the community at large they must )  like oils for example, burning of aromatic oils would probably get the go ahead, massage oils on the other hand , fall into an iffy bracket, do the clerics get to try the wares before they figure out what is morally ok and what is not? This job just seems to get  harder and harder.

Well, I’m glad I’m not at the helm of decision making , I just follow the rules.

strawberries non al champ

So here’s  wishing you all a pure and kosher weekend. Do indulge. The good lord has given us the go ahead.

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