all and mighty

otters poolRecently a few of us  friends had met up at our local club , we sat around chatting and relaxing with cool summer drinks, no one in the mood to get up and go for a walk.

The crowd by the poolside began to grow. One particular table was probably louder than others and as much as we wanted we couldn’t help but overhear snatches of their conversation.

There were four gentlemen discussing the economy at large, and the fact that business sentiment was pretty low, as we could gauge. One man in particular a regular at the club, known more for his sly, and arrogant nature seemed to be the loudest. Sensing from his talks we gathered he wasn’t in a very bullish mood and was talking about scaling down his work.
bearMany of us have faced similar feelings and made changes in the recent years, so we quite understood where the annoyance was coming from, when one of the men who seemed humble and probably a guest at the club of the arrogant member, tried putting in a little positivity. He added that they along with the company had grown so much over the years together by ‘God’s Grace’ and this lean phase would pass too. At this point our loud member proclaimed, “no! it’s not by any grace, it’s all my effort and my hard work that’s got me here.”

We all looked up at each other blinking and a little unsure of what we had heard. The guest of our dear member looked visibly shaken, and had practically shrunk to half his size probably willing himself to retreat into a shell.

bandra sunsetWe tried hard not to pay attention to their table and their conversation, luckily their meeting ended soon enough, so we could enjoy the sunset in some peace and quiet. Eventually it was a fun,  relaxed evening, the annoying loud chatter forgotten.


Yesterday as i was driving and lost in my thoughts  it came back to me. The statement he had made. Hmmm. . . i thought each one of us truly does have a power within us, when tapped we can achieve things we never thought possible. At the same time, are we really all powerful by ourselves entirely ? I found myself lost in a debate in my head (yes i am one those who talk to themselves’)  playing the devil’s advocate. . . .


If i don’t really tap into myself i may not be able to do anything, right? I  studied, i  learnt, i worked, i slogged, only then did i get to where i am today. So it’s all my doing!

real-life-right-kiteAfter all, the power within me was tapped by me, is mine and actually is me, therefore I am God and God is me.

. In some sense , i understand this but maybe years of conditioning, or something more, doesn’t allow me to agree with this chain of thought.

of course people helped me along the way, but if it wasn’t for my abilities i would not have been anywhere, right?

My family has always been there for me, life has given me opportunities, and presented solutions where difficulties were.

lets go fly a kitewhen a kite is high up in the sky can he say the wind the string and the flyer had nothing to do with it? from the kite’s point of view, only he has the ability to fly. the string , wind and flyer can’t do much without him?

But what could he do if there was no string, no launcher and above all no wind ?! Sometimes the kite cannot feel the wind, nor can he see it.

All of us humans have the power of the wind within us, it’s part of our being.  we will probably be one with it in time , but does that mean we are the power today? Yes and No  .

i honestly don’t judge a person who thinks he is almighty, nor the one who doesn’t .

i’m just grateful . . . . . . To each his own , and God for all.

god for all


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