you and i

Hi, it’s been 3 months since I ve been blogging, and receiving calls, and  e mails from you. I thought it was time now to indroduce you to the other members of my family and take our relationship to another level. relations 010 relations 009

This is Dennis. He has been my partner through some tough times and always stood by me. The kids despise him, because, while I am a gentle-mannered mother, Dennis is strict. He always kept the kids in line and threatened to tell on them if they hadn’t cleaned up their room or done their homework. There was a time when Rey (all of 6 years old), lost his temper at Dennis and attempted to tear him limb from limb.

angry boy
angry young man

Rey did not appreciate Dennis’ loyalty to me. Although the kids have grown up since and Dennis’ role in the family has been reduced to almost negligible, leading a retired life in a drawer, the mere sight of Dennis still stirs up initial feelings of anger, followed by a bout of hearty laughs.

relations 008
Donkey the nose digger is a new entrant and generally partakes in watching of football matches.

relations 006

Bob ‘The mali’ is our gardener and greets me with a big smile every morning, as I water my plants.

relations 001

Meet  Don Corleone. He has quite an attitude, and rakes up a ruckus in the tank. He diminished “Choos” the sucker fish (one fine day Choos was gone, no trace of him). Most recently he toppled the entire ship that sits on the bed of pebbles in his tank.

relations 004

I did try making him swim through a metal hoop, and am convinced he was getting the hang of it, but my family conceded I have too much time on my hands and threw away my metal ring. But Don and me continue to greet each other on a daily basis. After all we did build a rapport.

RELATIONSHIPS-  Everything and everyone we meet and interact with becomes a relation of sorts, even if it’s a feeling of hate, it’s a relation built on it, strange but true. Other than the obvious, Our relations with the vendors we meet daily, the same faces we may see walking at the promenade, even the stray dogs acknowledge our presence and we theirs. Heck even the “relationship” managers at the banks (although they change so fast that they should be called fling managers). So regardless of the fact that intensity and time spans vary, relationships are really what make this world go round, without which we’d be a dismembered mass of movements, much like robots.  Relationships are delicate and strong, and need to be nutured.

wedding garland

Speaking of which, Cy and I have completed 3 years into our marital relationship (based on our family genes we’re hoping to hit the golden jubilee mark). It’s been a good journey so far, with the occasional upsets. His ideological nature makes his perception of things as either  black or white, which makes me tear my hair out, and the fact that I can’t, is probably the reason his hair line has receded faster than the low tide on a full moon day. We’ve learned things about each other, the initial years of awkwardness combined with politeness of the honeymoon phase has slowly moved into a comfort zone. A ‘stand at ease’ so to speak, where I  feel free to compare the hair on my leg with his, or where once a fart was an  occasional out of control occurrence, is now a reason for a high five. We breathe easier now, as we’ve let go, the need to constantly suck in our paunches. The  time sharing of the tv remote control has been worked out and the laws of whether the toilet seat should be left up or down are now ingrained.  I believe we are now entering the 3 year itch phase (it’s no longer a 7 year itch). This is a time, it is said when the spark begins to diminish.

notes shaheenNote to self: “feed the flame”- Remember the 3 important-F’s

cy burger
food: the way to a man’s heart


spain cy and sh

As does everything, relationships too have a life span.

So whether it’s for a rEASON, sEASON or a lIFETIME, cHERISH each one!!

CHEERS to you and i !!Champagne

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