hAVEN fOR tHE hOLY cOWS- news from Animal Kingdom Times


Gayatri and Cowshalya cannot believe their luck, they are simply over the moon with joy. The government has declared them inedible. Maharashtra is now the haven for cows world over. The Switzerland of the cow world if you will.

hungrywaterbuffaloes 2010-07-Fair-and-Lovely-Foundation

The buffalo have made a quick decision to upgrade their status in society starting with a huge investment in fairness creams. Sure fire way to change your destiny- if ads are to be believed.


The sheep are putting on their best smiles in a bid to lure the Mary’s of the world, that they may follow around for the rest of their lives.


The chicken are  running around in frantic circles searching for a voice, overwhelmed and just feeling like they can’t get their head round things.

eggsThey know sometimes it’s over it even before it starts!


The ducks are happy with their unpopularity, and really couldn’t give a @$#% !


The turkeys give thanks for their ugly looks,  making them un- favourites with indian cooks.

dog eyes

Masters of that soulful look, dogs know what  can get  them off the hook.

max2 cat

The lords of the animal world, cats are least stressed of all.

One little snarl at the human beingS and they know they have them  by the @%##*!!


the pigs just sing away their blues, defamed and demeened as the cause of swine flu, they’ll never be holy or revered, simply end up in blankets to be devoured.

blue bird

and  signing off -those are the latest tweets – from the little blue bird. bye for now!!

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