and they’re buying a stairway to heaven. . . .

lady justice handicapped

I wonder if any of you’ve been following up on a certain celebrity’s hit and run case.  For the past 12 years the case has dragged on in court. The evident changes in the evidence makes one,’cluck cluck’ over the manner in which cases are conducted. It takes forever to close a case, giving lawyers enough time to manipulate the web they wish to weave. It amuses me when I read how the blood sample collected was suddenly too little to have conclusive evidence (maybe a little evaporated over the last dozen years). The testing of the sample was apparently done in an outdated manner too. But I have to ask, what about those whose blood tests were conducted in the same manner at the same time and they were convicted as DUI, and have already served the sentence meted out?

Should their cases be reviewed now and how should they be compensated for their time?

keepers of justice -comics really!

The  poor witness’ have gone old and started suffering from alzheimers (they can’t recall much) and have sleep disorders (dropping off to sleep during court sessions) .

If I was a witness I would want to bring on some of these disorders too. Imagine the stress attached to it all.

I am so absent minded I seem to have an auto delete in my brain and forget incidences beyond 3 months. So no wonder the statements recorded and re recorded by witness’are flip flopping.

Sometimes the new evidence is so glaring in nature, like the only license issued registered on an otherwise blank sheet, makes me laugh out loud.

Considering he didn’t have a license, shouldn’t the charge get worse?

Driving Under the Influence without a valid license?!

i.e. If he was actually driving. I am very confused about the facts in this case now.

criss angel
Criss Angel-Mindfreak

Frankly the way the case is headed, by the end of it, we may be informed there never was an accident in the first place, nothing really happened and the whole thing was an illusion, as were so many other “unsolved cases”,all along, scripted and directed by a master entertainer illusionist of all time. Leaving us all  in complete awe.

But don’t fret about it or slap yourself on the  forehead for not seeing the reality, you will be forgiven for being fooled. Don’t forget, we are after  all  prone to naivety and simply just being human!

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