license to kill

Sadly i repost this old blog.  Where once i wrote it in part jest, we’ve witnessed another fatality on our roads, caused most likely due to a deadly combination of a  nervous driver and an over confident one, crossing eachother’s paths.


While, the poor scared girl is shaken up and will have to live with the fact that a man has died at her hands, the rash driver on the other hand gets away scot free.Who do we pin this on to.

what really is to blame is a system, where getting a driver’
s license is extremely easy with no real test of skills, and a system where the rash driver isn’t really  pulled over for accountability.

If driving tests were strict , awareness of driving  rules, would bring some order to the disorderly traffic we witness daily, as would harsh penalties to rash driving.

While this would  not bring an end to accidents, which we all make as we are only human, but would definitely curb the chances of them.

Just a little bit of sincerity in implementing rules will go a long way!

1st car invented
1st car invented


First Steering Wheels
1st right hand drive invented

Isn’t it strange that world over things can be so different. So opposite of eachother. The difference I am pointing out to today is in driving. It’s amazing how in many parts of the world the cars are left hand drive where you drive on the right side of the road, and where the cars have right hand drive one must drive on the left hand side of the road. Exactly opposite. I wonder how these differences came about.

1st left hand drive invented

India is always looked upon as a unique country. Whether it’s our geographical positioning, our rich culture or our amazing diversity. So why should driving be standardized. Here too we are quite individualistic.

valentineandroads 024
driving 012 just let me pass

We have mostly right hand drive cars, not counting bullock carts, hand carts, or horse carriages. They are optional LHD or RHD depending if the driver is a righty, lefty or ambidextrous, and also where he is headed. If he needs to turn right at some point he will start driving on the right side of the road half a kilometer beforehand, and everyone on the road understands this and ad-just’s.

So here although we have RHD vehicles we drive mostly somewhere in the middle. You see we are of a very ‘ad-justing’ nature and will drive from wherever we find the space. You say our driving exam is a sham, maybe it’s easy to pass, but a sham it is not. We are subjected to daily tests, wherein all senses including the 6th are on high alert. We must dodge the kids, seniors, dogs, hens, cows, spot the traffic lights tucked away behind the foliage, miss the pot holes, ignore the honking, try not to suffocate on fumes of cars and sewage, and predict the wild bikes that’ll be speeding past, all at once. At the same time watch out for cyclists, mammoth speed breakers, and not get crushed by a bus or a truck.

driving 022
find your space
driving on right
if you need to go right , stay on the right

driving 006 driving 014 child corssingdriving 017driving 019

I personally think driving with rules is too easy. Where’s the surprise? If you observe a ninja, he has to keep getting unexpected attacks to keep his skills polished. We Indian drivers are like little ninja’s. Always on our guard, ready for battle everytime we get behind the

We have our very own hand signals , showing  joining and opening of five fingers open palmed coupled with a nod means 5 mins just let me go, we flash our headlights to warn you we are not going to stop, you better do.

Our rickshaw drivers are a breed apart, even signal with their legs sometimes to indicate left or right (dedication to indication). They possess the  ability to get into every tiny square inch available. Sure a few kissy koti’s happen(fender benders, we call them hugs and kisses), but nothing life threatening. “Most people visiting say they would never be able to drive here.” So many NRI’s can’t imagine doing it any more. See my point?! They are the ninja’s who’ve lost their edge.

driving 013
the art of squeezing in, mastered!

driving 009driving 021
 no space to wastedriving 010driving 011

I  once met a  young  gentleman from germany who was visiting our city for 3 days. Naturally I asked with pride,’ how he liked my city’? In broken English he replied,’ “eez kaa-os”, “kaar, kow and man all togeder”, circling a finger around his temple gesturing madness. It took me a few minutes to process he meant ‘chaos’.

sign boardman on truck

Well folks, kaa-0s or not, All things considered, If you ask me the Indian driving license should be valid world over.We are the kings of the roads!!

what say you??


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