self dedication

I love the weekends. Less traffic on the roads, lovely to drive around. We headed out to watch a few races tucking into some snacks, while the horses sweated it out. On the way home I noticed, like I’m sure many of you have, a little island has popped up a few years ago.

chowks 004

It’s amazing how they just pop up out of nowhere. Usually maintained by some company or the other. This one has been growing artistically over time. Art is individualistic and everyone is entitled to their opinion. The over sized (what look like)man eating tulip-like blooms have blossomed, making it the 2nd most ugly installation that I have seen in our city. The 1st one has an amoebic mosaic structure. Why not just grow a tree? Nature is the best creator. She’s the epitome of beauty; provides shade and oxygen too with her trees.

chowks 008 chowks 006

Well, anyway, I saw this island now has a name and dedication. It got me thinking, how does a chowk or street get a name? I have noticed many chowk’s springing up at every nook and cranny,being christened (nothing to do with religion, just refers to a naming ceremony), after rather random people at times. I’ve decided I  want a chowk named after me too. What do I have to do to get it? My friend’s suggested giving donations. Many people donate, all are not accredited with a  street corner to their name.  ‘Creating a ruckus might help’, they said.  ‘Maybe I should stand for elections’, some suggested. But so many people I see are just named because of their professions(or so it seems) I argued. Some sangeetkars, some movie stars. No noteworthy work done socially. Maybe I can just join the local body and walk on the promenade shouting at riff raffs,making myself known, I thought aloud. I could befriend the local urchins and becomes the popular didi or something. That should earn me my little block of granite in some corner. i don’t know but I am finding a way around it. If any of you have any suggestions please do let me know.

chowks 012 chowks 001 to whomsoever it may concern. these are my preferential spots for dedicationchowks 011chowks 010

For the moment until such time as my dreams are realized, my friend’s have suggested that I could design a little block of my very own and install it outside my lift in the lobby near my aptartment. Such a lovely idea.

Ceremony, will be held on Sunday 15th feb. 9 am .  All are invited. Garlanding and lighting of lamp will be done by noted diamond merchant and philanthrophist shri. Rattonsey sahib.

Please note the new land mark in my address, 8th floor, walk out of lift and make right at ‘shaheen chowk’.

2 thoughts on “self dedication

  1. Last year the junction at the end of our road was named ‘Maria Miranda Chowk’. Still trying to figure out why ? He has no connection with this neighbourhoods! He’s from Goa and in Mumbai he has a place somewhere in town. Wonder if he’s ever know this place existed!!!


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