Peace Is All We Want

Foreword: MH370Declared and accident!an “Act of God or . . . . .??

I wrote the following poem in the aftermath of the accident (if you can call it that) of the MH17. We all expect to see our loved ones who travel due to work or otherwise to return home, but when a deliberate bolt out of the blue takes them down, souls weep for the sake of humanity!

pray_for_mh370_by_twineapples-d79mif2“Peace Is All We Want” 1damaged flower editedcrushed rosesmh 17child in war zoneOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAflags at half mastgrave yardmaimed childUN_Members_Flags (1)unityweedsOld_Love_Wall_by_savorygerbilssoldier with kidhugging soldiersoldiers with children
children huggingpeople-in-the-seecoffinmother soldier n childTOPSHOTS-PHILIPPINES-HAITI-UN-ARMY-PEACEKEEPERSsoldiers funeralsoldier with black child   soldier peaceBelgien, Brügge, Entwaffnungunity world4117088642_0a95d07592peace is all we want 2peace is all we wantpeace is all we want

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