I Sit

So recently i had the, well,  pleasure of having to get some documents registered.I share with you my experience;

stamp paper

I sit and wait for ‘sir’ to come,

with no choice but my work to get done,

He takes his time, calling the shots,

The public waits patiently, for now he is the boss.


I sit and wait, on a broken bench,

The sun’s rays burn down on me, piercing not unlike a wrench,

Temperature rising I try to keep my cool,

Get your papers stamped, now don’t be a fool.


It’s been a few hours by now you know,

My feet are numb and my arse is sore,

Saheb is finally back from his lordly lunch,

Arrey wait a little , its time for chai and some munch.


Burp! Ok it’s time to roll,

Only 1 hour to closing, chalo do the number call.


I make my way through the walls of files,

Surviving Suffocation as moldy air stifles.

Aiiye madam, do your sign over here,

Is it really you? No, no, we need to be sure.

Enduring Freedom

Stick your thumb in ink and stamp it dear,

Ho gaya madam, 2 minute ka hi kaam tha,

Par speed nahin kar sakte hain na,

aakhir ye hain government khaata.


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