Behind Closed Doors


“You are under arrest. Put your hands behind your back, anything you say or do can and will be held against you.” But, what is my crime, Sir?

“Your crime, is the fact that you are different from me!”

A criminal is ‘Someone who harms another, mentally or physically’,

Would it be safe to say that this is a layman’s definition of a criminal?

But how do we judge a person to be a criminal or otherwise if he is simply different from the herd.

Normal- WHAT is NORMAL ? Who decides what is normal or not ?

If one is different from the society he /she lives in, does that make them abnormal or a criminal ?

I cannot stomach spicy Indian food, or prefer to eat with cutlery rather than my hands. This I have found to be different from the society I grew up in. Many a times, when I have been invited out to dinner, people say  to me, feel at  home, use your hands, no need to use a fork. But for me, eating with a fork is “at home”. I have grown up with jibes like , “ the british left you behind”.

I am also ambidextrous, I write with my left hand. Each and everytime I write people ask me,” you’re a leftie?”. Growing up feeling very awkward about it, I have grown into actually loving this difference. I now reply, “oh no, I am a righty but am just using my left hand for fun”. I love the confused looks I get to that response.

But my point being here, is that I was different. I was the only lefty in my class

at school. So does that make me abnormal or a criminal?

Why is it so hard for people to understand, accept and embrace diversity?

I was saddened to know the LGBT community is considered criminal. Is it fair to call them criminals?

The law as I understand is in place to look after us humans, and protect us from harm. But does it have the right to criminalize on the basis of differences; some people are merely born with.

I believe that so long as 2 grown mature adults would prefer to be together WILLINGLY, who are we, or who is the law to label them as criminals?

Trying to “normalize’ them is ridiculous, as to them, we are not “normal”.

All of us look towards the law, the courts, the judges to give us justice and freedom, which is our right. Why then does the same law become the biggest hurdle in the life of a person who, chooses to live life on his terms.

It is hard enough for a person to accept his differences and feel comfortable within himself. Many families live with the knowledge of their own children being gay, but request the children to keep it hidden. Log kya bolenge? (societal pressures) Is the biggest fear. This hypocrisy is the cause of stress and unhappiness for many. A lot of marriages are farces to cover up the truth . Where both partners have an understanding and simply stay together to keep up appearances.

If only over zealous “moral Policing” would stop and rather target the genuinely harmful elements to society.

When we alienate people based merely on harmless differences beyond their control, we bring divide amongst ourselves and our societies. We help create a group of unhappy people, who begin to look at society as the enemy, and who rebel merely in form of self defense.

The truth is, we are the criminals, because it us who have eventually created something that will attack civil society.

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