who stole my nuts

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Who stole my nuts?

Eat your breakfast; it’s the most important meal of the day. My mum is forever telling us all to eat our breakfast.

“I just can’t eat first thing in the morning, I feel like throwing up” was always my response to her when I was in school.  It’s hard to eat at 6:30 or 7:00 am. I could swallow coffee or eggnog (brandy in the morning made school so much more tolerable) but that was about it. I’m usually still in deep sleep, even though it may appear that I am awake and moving around, I have arisen but I haven’t awoken.

Anyway, those were my school and college days. Life got easier after graduation. Thankfully daddy never wanted his little girls to go out and work, so my mornings got set to the gentle hour of 10:00am. No he doesn’t approve of late mornings at all but just turns a blind eye. It’s your life he says,” you should know by now , what you want to do with it. “ So much pressure!!

Anyhow, I did start eating breakfast finally. After all, when one wakes up stress free , the tummy is far more accepting. But the question now was, what to eat. Eggs? Yuck , I  can’t stand them. Coffee and toast? Not substantial enough. Toast with butter and jam. Good but the jam starting settling around my waist. Fiber everyone said eat fiber. So I tried the different cereals available in the market. But all of them are artificially sweetened. Oh God! They were awful. Then I found some muesli in a shop that sells assorted imported goods. A lovely mix of seeds, dry fruits, au naturel. It was good for a few months, until for some reason, the mixes started changing proportion, and the packet was more stale than fresh .

Then on a holiday abroad I discovered my latest and most favourite cereal. Dorset. Anyone of you who’ve eaten this English delight knows what I’m talking about. They have 6 different mixes, but my favourite is Simply Nutty or Gloriously Nutty. Glorious indeed! Every spoonful has nuts  and seeds in it. Heaven on a plate ! When I discovered prince Charles’ organic company was behind it , I just wanted to kiss the man. “Thank you”, Charles ,I  wanted to say.

I was ecstatic to find it in  food shops in good old Bombay. Yay!! But hey, wait a second,  the Indian version is double the cost . But no worries, some things are worth paying for. The shop keeper said, “packaged in India hain, chalega?’ , “chalega “, I replied’. Thrilled with my find. When I opened it , I found to my horror, very few nuts!. What the hell I thought?

I don’t understand, the same product, bought in London, is loaded with nuts, hazel, macadamia, Brazilian, almonds. The Indian version barely has any. Why? Do the british send less nuts for the Indians?  Is it because we’re a 3rd world country , and they dump the left overs on us ? Sniff….

Could it be that we’re already too clever and the brits are threatened we might sharpen our brains further with their nuts?

Why, why, why then, this discrimination??

Wait a minute, could it be , that most of my nuts are stolen from the mix,  and sold separately as imported dry fruit?

Hmmmm, this one is so possible, I can almost see it happen.

But you know the strange thing is, many products packaged , or assembled here, are quite different from their counterparts abroad. Chocolates (taste different, Cadbury milk, kit kat,), cars  assembled here vs their german counter parts(just don’t have the seem feel), to name a few.

As grateful as we are for the wide choice of availability , the difference in the inherent quality boggles me.  The reason for this difference , “mala mhaiti nahin”?

Until, this mystery is solved , I will have to continue being a cheapskate and asking any and everyone who travel’s , to please carry back my box of cereal for me.

2 thoughts on “who stole my nuts

  1. Oh good..its not just me who feels this way! Especially the chocolate. Ive stopped commenting on this lest people think im bragging about living abroad for a while.;-)


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