to coffee or not to coffee ?

20150110_170430The weather these days is super. It’s not too hot and not too cold. Humidity levels are down to a comfy  30% while the temperature varies between 26 and 14 degrees celcius.

We bombayites (call me old fashioned), are full of energy . All of us out in our tracks and sneakers loving the walks by the sea.  What’s even nicer is that the Marathon is around the corner.

Hmmm, all those joggers to be seen all around the city. Well toned and beefy (ok ok some are beefed more at the mid riff but, hey they are trying you know). We can’t help it , we’re Indians and some how after a certain age ,our tummies just start convexing ,no matter what . And if everyone with fat around the waist were at  a health risk, all of us apple shapes would be long gone.

Try as you might, cut the rice , cut the carbs, cut the sugar, walk , just eat protein, go vegan, fruits before 4 pm,  do yoga, intense cardio. That pot belly just doesn’t deflate.

It’s great that we are all getting health conscious , and trying to get super fit but which diet is right for you ?

How does one choose what works, I started drinking coffee as a young girl. My GP shook her head disapprovingly at  my mum and said, “it’s slow poison !”. The newspaper reported a few years later that, coffee is good for you. Triumph! In your face GP! Give it a couple of more years , the same newspaper reported , Coffee is bad for you, along with a few other foods. Saddened I thought I’ll switch to green tea, as Chai , is not my thing.  The coffee was back in my life soon enough as were the other foods. Now, a few years later the newspaper says coffee is great for you. Yay , I ‘m glad I never quit.

But honestly, how are these “studies” conducted ?, and why is the conclusion not permanent? If we are studying to measure longetivity, the studies should be at least 100 years old. I am not maligning the studies , oh no, we need the research ,but  can we generalize what is good or not? I mean 1 man’s meat could be another man’s poison. So how does one decide  what to follow and what not to follow.

Also, I read , eat every 2hours, it increases your metabolism. So we did.

My husband, says (other than the newspaper one has to listen to their spouse too),” eat what makes your soul happy.” We ate so much chocolate that year, we started to resemble a pair of  “healthy penguins”. Khaate peete ghar ke log as some  people would call it.

But I thought our metabolism would be up, and we’d lose weight just like that, what happened?

We did stop indulging and are now trying to get back to an “acceptable human shape”.

But I’m marred by the papers, I don’t see food in my plate any more, all I see is protein, carb, fat, lean, good cholesterol, bad cholesterol. I’ve see sawed between many different diets recommended by my friendly newspaper.

I remember a couple of years ago, I read about pre menopausal women being at risk of heart disease, and subsequently got panic attacks ( yes I thought I was having a heart attack and my time was up), leading to high blood pressure. Thankfully, my present GP , picked up on it , and helped me calm down. Turns out it was all “hot air”, if you know what I mean.

I recently met a doctor , a lovely gentleman, who told us, the latest in medical news, is that one should sleep exactly 7.30hours. Less is detrimental to health, and more could give you wrinkles.  Now I am battling with whether to die early looking fresh, or live longer but very wrinkled. Moreover, one of the latest reports is  Cancer is caused due to sheer BAD LUCK. You don’t say !!! Really?! So can I get back to my smokes?

My grouse here , is not with the on  going studies and research, it is with the printing of news , which seems to be inconclusive or probably premature. If it is , inconclusive, should it be printed ? If it should be printed, should it come with a warning attached to it?

Just a thought …..

As for my lifestyle habits, I ve decided enough is enough. I will eat normally , just like I ve done these last 40 years. It got me so far didn’t it.?!The one  change I have made in my life style though is , I now donot take so seriously, things that I  read any more.

Que sera sera, whatever will be will be!

Ignorance is bliss. My soul is happy.

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