Fiction or Fact


©So I watched Pk during the course of the week with my family. I have to admit my patience with movies is limited and I cannot be labeled as an ardent hindi movie fan. But an Amir Khan movie which promises intelligence and food for thought is something I do look forward to.

I did not come away with any superlative feelings with this one, to be honest it dragged a bit, what with the overdone dancing cars, the Bhojpuri dialect, and the startled look. But to be fair that’s how the movie makers perceived their movie and wanted to present it and it is purely their prerogative.

But did it provide me with food for thought, oh yes it did. I began to wonder, why is it that alien’s are always portrayed so intelligent. They can read thoughts. They are utterly organized on their planets. Never seem to question authority and merely do the task allotted to them. They are so powerful, and can give super natural powers to us.

Why don’t we make movies of utterly dumb aliens,  where we  teach them a thing or two. Or are we so low on self esteem? We have come far as a race. Do we really need aliens to teach us unity, love , and tolerance. Aliens are always shown to be 1 race . United. The box office results prove  that, the majority agree with the teachings of the aliens.

Some movies show the aliens as monsters, and how eventually we overcome the alien force by uniting our resources, that threaten to destroy the human race.

Either ways, the message received is of UNITY, ONENESS,  and MUTUAL RESPECT.

When we start recognising the bad aliens within us who try to create differences, or follow the good aliens guiding us towards kindness and compassion, we will rise as the race to reckon with.

If each one of us would just  look within and  see which alien we harbor, and do our actions feed the growth of humanity or that of self greed? Heaven could indeed be a place on earth!

I so look forward to the day when we recognize ourselves as the superior race, as the examples of kindness,of gratitude, and of togetherness, that we are so capable of being.

You may say I am a dreamer, but I’m not the only one…..

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