united we would stand


ladies and gentlemen, God has left the building

ram, rahim, john and Isaac were playing in the garden when.. . . .

Isaac got hit by a ball flung by rahim in a game of bat n ball. Isaac ran home crying. Isaac’s mother distraught at the sight of her son’s anguish, marched out to isaac’s father. She told him to confront rahim’s parents. Issac’s father reasoned it was a silly mistake in a game not deliberate. Isaac’s mother

Warned she would leave the home if he didn’t do anything for their son. Isaac’s father confronted rahim’s parents. In defence rahim’s parents retaliated that Isaac and his family had no culture and decency because their religion didn’t teach them so. This made isaac’s father v angry , his wife created a hue and cry about their character assassinations of her family who gathered together to condemn how lowly Rahim’s family was. Soon word spread amongst the respesctive friend circles and anger was growing. John and ram got dragged into the fights and were forced to take sides. As anger brewed , one night  a stone broke the window of Isaac’s home. That was it , Isaac’s parents and family and friends got together  to teach the uncultured’ some culture’with sticks and torches and marched towards rahim’s home. Ram and john also joined in. both sides fought . Houses burned to the ground, there was bloodshed all around. Neighbouring villages heard the jews have attacked the muslims. Riots broke out spreading  fast and furious.  Governments  condemned the attacks but did little else.

People were ready to lay their lives down in the name of their religion and “their God”.

Ram, rahim, john and Isaac miss playing at their playground and are confined to their homes and not allowed to mingle with eachother as each is kosher in his own right but believes the other is  evil.

And the drunk who threw the rock to break a mango from the tree but missed his mark , is still wondering whatever happened ??

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